If you are purchasing a puppy from me please carefully read my purchase/limited health agreement .   If you have any questions,  please contact me .   After reviewing my purchase/limited health agreement,  please fill in the box below with your name,  address, phone number and email address, description of pup  you are purchasing and reason you are purchasing pup ie brood, show , pet.   AFTER COMPLETING FORM, PLEASE CLICK THE SUBMIT BUTTON AT BOTTOM.   YOU MAY ALSO PRINT , COMPLETE FORM AND sign above and MAIL OR EMAIL TO ME.  IF YOU PURCHASE A PUPPY FROM ME, I AM ASSUMING YOU HAVE READ AND AGREED TO MY SALES TERMS STATED ABOVE.     


Your electronic signature represents a legally binding signature and means you have read and agree to my above referenced terms of sale.   Please type requested information in box below and submit if signing contract electronically.   

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This contract is between KA-Lynn's Chihuahuas hereinafter referred to as Seller and _______________________________________, hereinafter referred to as Buyer(s).

Address of Buyer:_______________________________________________________________________
Seller agrees to sell Buyer a puppy/dog born on _______________________________
AKC #_________________________________________________________________
Microchip # if applicable___________________________________________________
For the Sum of $_________________________________Deposit __________________________________

1)  Sales info:  A $250.00 or  $500 .00 deposit is required, Amount of deposit depends on animals price.  Cash, money order ,
check or personal check or paypal must be provided to hold a specific puppy until it reaches the age to be placed with the buyer,
 usually 12 weeks of age, unless puppy is a "teacup" then puppy must reach weight and condition Seller feels is safe for pups 
health before leaving Sellers custody.   If the puppy/dog dies before being picked up, while in Sellers custody, your deposit will be refunded.   This deposit is non-refundable otherwise.  Shipping costs are buyers responsibility, if dog is shipped 

to purchaser and then returned to seller, shipping is non refundable and buyer is responsible for any costs 
incurred to return dog/pup.

 You can make payments on puppy/dog before the date agreed for pick-up.     Final payment is to be made by cash, money order or cashiers 
check.   All puppies/dogs sold by KA-Lynn's Chihuahuas are AKC registered, unless otherwise stated.   If AKC papers are not available when puppy/dog 
is picked up/delivered, we guarantee papers within 90 days of purchase, unless otherwise stated. 

2)  Shipping info:  I strongly recommend pup/dog be picked up in person..   If transported to purchaser,, purchaser pays all  fees usually around $300.00 to most locations in the U.S.  Buyer should contact Seller about shipping fees if outside Continental North America.  Buyer assumes all responsiblilities for dog/pup after the dog/pup leaves Seller custody.   Puppies must reach 2 pounds before shipping.   Seller reserves the right to refuse/cancel sale at any time at will. 

3)  The Buyer agrees to provide a life long commitment, comfortable environment, prompt medical attention, proper grooming and responsible 
care.  This includes keeping this puppy/dog parasite free and up to date with inoculations, proper nutrition, which consists of a good quality professional  feed given at regular intervals, and fresh water available at all times.   The Buyer promises to provide a safe environment for the puppy/dog , and never allow it to roam freely without proper fencing or supervsion.   The Seller strongly recommends that the puppy/dog be microchipped in order
 to facilitate his return if lost or stolen. Buyer agrees to house dog  humanely. given a large enclosure and regular access to the outdoors.
   Buyer agrees that puppy/dog will not be kept housed on wire.

4) Limited Health Guarantee:  The Seller guarantees this puppy/dog to be of sound health at the time of this sale.   A health record of all shots and/dewormings will be provided by the Seller.  The guarantee does not cover parasites either internal or external, coccidosiss, giardia, hepatitis 
or hypoglycemia.   Distemper and parvovirus are covered for 7 days from the date of purchase(starts at time pup leaves Sellers custody).  To 
qualify for this guarantee, Buyer must at Buyers expense, have puppy/dog examined by a licensed veterinarian of your choice within 72 hours
 of the date of purchase.   (starts at time of pickup of animal).  Should the puppy/dog be diagnosed at this time with any disease or illness, or
 within one year of purchase date with a congenital/hereditary disorder, which is considered by two unassociated veterinarians to seriously
 impact the quality of life, or require continuous medical treatment throughout the course of the puppy/dogs life, we will provide the buyer with the options listed in Remedy 5.   Cosmetic issues that do not impact the puppy/dog's health are not covered.   Hernias, under/overbites, and luxating patellas are not considered life threatening and are not covered.  Seller is not accountable for any adverse reaction due to vaccination by purchasers or purchasers veterinarian.   Injuries to your pup/dog after they leave Sellers custody are not covered by this agreement.  This 
agreement covers only congenital/hereditary life threatening defects.  Open molera in Chihuahuas is not considered a genetic fault and is thus 
not covered.  The Seller assumes absolutely no responsibility for fees associated with veterinarian fees, caring or transportation of the puppy/dog.  No other health guarantees are given.  

  5)  Additiional Guarantees: Size, color and temperament of the puppy cannot be guaranteed.  If sold for breeding, we guarantee 2 fully descended testicles in males if over 6 months of age at time of purchase.   We do not guarantee that males will be fertile.   We do not guarantee that females will conceive, nor that they will be free whelpers".   If the bitch is sold bred, we do not guarantee the pregnancy or live births , due to stress on the mom.  If sold for show , understand that we are selling puppy/dog as a show prospect only, we do not guarantee the puppy/dog will mature to show quality nor that it will finish as a champion.   Seller reserves the right to refuse sale for any reason.   

6) Remedy:  If your puppy/dog qualifies to be returned or replaced , the following can apply:

        1)  if the buyer chooses to give up ownership of the puppy/dog, it may be returned to seller or placed in an approved pet home. (must be neutered or spayed if placed as pet by buyer).  seller's discretion if puppy/dog is to be returned or placed in approved pet home.

        2)   Replacement of puppy/dog.   If a dog is pointed or a champion, we will replace it with a same sex dog that is not pointed, show prospect puppy/dog. Pet puppy/dogs will be replaced with pet quality puppy/dog.   Puppy/Dog will be replaced within 12 mos.   NO CASH REFUNDS

        3)   If dispute arises, resulting in legal action being taken, suit must be brought in Cass County, Missouri.

If puppy/dog is to be returned to us, buyer must transport or make arrangements for transportation and pay for  any costs associated with the return of the puppy/dog.   Puppy/dog will be replaced withing 12 months,  NO CASH REFUNDS

If sold as a pet only puppy/dog.   Buyers agree not to use this animal for breeding and agree to have it spayed/neutered, if not already done by Seller, at the age recommended by their veterinarian ( usually 5-8 months of age).   Pet puppies are sold either without AKC papers or with limited AKC registration.  

If at any time the Buyer can no longer retain possession of this dog, the Seller is to be notified and given first option of resuming full ownership of
dog .   Refunds, if any, will be at the discretion of the Seller.  The dog will be returned with all AKC papers and medical records.  AKC papers should be signed back over to Seller.   Should any circumstances arise that affect the quality of life of the dog, the Seller is to be informed so that they may participate in determing the future best interest of puppy/dog.  The Seller reserves the right to approve/prohibit any transfer of this animal to a third party.   Under no circumstances will this puppy/dog be sold, leased or traded or given away to any pet shop, research laboratory, animal shelter or simiar facility.

if sold as show /breeding prospect, the Buyer agrees to register the dog using Sellers kennel name of KA-Lynn's in the dogs registered AKC 

Dogs/puppies are sometimes sold with puppy back or stud services back to Seller.    Seller will remain on AKC registration papers as
coowner until agreed upon terms are met.   At this time Seller will sign total ownership over to Buyer.   

The preceding paragraphs contain conditions established by the Seller to ensure the well being of the puppy/dog.   The Buyer's agreements will continue for the duration of the dogs life and the Seller will have the right to enforce the agreements.

I have reviewed purchase agreement and agree to its terms:   DATE__________________________________________________________


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